June 18, 2021

western canadian food catering is a great way to make a Western Canadian dining experience with a variety of delicious Western dishes.

The idea behind Western food catering involves the chef creating a dish that is made from a variety, locally sourced ingredients, all using traditional cooking methods.

This makes it easier to prepare and the best part is that the chef can focus on their food.

With Western food it is also possible to create a dish with a Western flavour without having to resort to traditional methods of preparation.

Here are some of the best Western food options available in Canada: Crispy chicken wings (pork, duck, chicken) Spicy fried rice (dumplings, rice, green beans, bean sprouts, potatoes) Sweet and sour soup (potato soup, soy sauce, sesame oil) Roasted duck and corn with sweet sauce (sausage, onions, potatoes, corn) Veggie burger (a burger, fries, tomato sauce) Pork ribs and sweet potato casserole (pink, red, green, and brown) Turkey and cabbage salad (pale greens, kale, onions) Crisp cabbage salad with dressing (parsnip, carrot, tomatoes, onions and vinegar) Fresh chicken salad with pickles and dressing (sweet and sour) French fries topped with bacon and mayo (white and green) Soup with red sauce (chicken, turkey, bacon, mayo) Baked chicken with mayonnaise (pig, bacon) Chickpea and chickpea dip (sweet potato, carrot) Smoky chickpeas (peas, potato) Ginger chicken and avocado dip (green beans, onion, avocado) Dry chicken breast with mayo and dressing (green beans) Salad with avocado dressing  (green and brown beans) If you want to make your own Western food, try our Recipe Card below. 

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