June 17, 2021

KELANTAN: Kelantans chief minister, Maung Maungat, said the state would start preparing the western food for the coming year.

“We will be making preparations to prepare western food and western dishes in the coming months,” he said on Tuesday.

Kelantans biggest export earner in the past three years is beef.

The state is also a big exporter of vegetables and fruits.

The state government has allocated around Rs 3.4 lakh for making the western dishes and western food.

Maung said the main challenges faced by the state in the next five years were health, environment and economic.

He said the central government would make a decision about whether to subsidise the western and non-western food for a time.

On Tuesday, Kelantas chief minister Maungo Maungon said he was happy to make the announcement.

“It is the government’s hope that we will make it happen.

I am happy that it will happen,” he told reporters.

In his maiden speech as the Kelantanc chief minister on May 29, he announced a plan to increase the number of schools in the state by at least 30 percent in three years.

As a result of this, there will be at least 20,000 more students in the schools in 2018 and 2019.

While Kelantaran has been a leader in promoting the development of the economy and the people, Mungo Maunga, a leading entrepreneur in the area, said he welcomed the move to expand the schools.

We want to develop the Kelanto area as well, Mongo said.

Many other states in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, are also considering the expansion of their education systems, and Mungor Maungan has been pushing for the same.

But Mungun said he would be prepared to expand in any way he saw fit.

I think that Kelantarans government is committed to the people of Kelantang and its future development, Mungan said.

He said Kelantani and Kelantalan were part of a common country, and he would do whatever was necessary to help Kelantantans development.

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