December 1, 2021

Australian chef and owner of the popular west Indian restaurant Adyar’s West Indian Kitchen has created a wide variety of traditional Indian food for diners around the world, and now the Perth restaurant has opened its doors to the public.

Adyar is also opening up its own Indian restaurant in Perth, and it is the first in Australia.

Adyas West Indian Cuisine, which is run by husband and wife team Rahul and Aravind Adyas, is the brainchild of chef Rahul and his wife Aravinda.

They are both from Tamil Nadu, where they have lived for many years.

Rahul, who has been working in kitchens around the country, started working at Adyars in 2005, but the couple were keen to open a restaurant in WA, where it is popular.

“We have always been a bit behind the times, but it’s good that the world has become a bit more diverse,” Mr Adyasar said.

He said the Adyashas love cooking and were passionate about serving the best of the west Indian cuisines, which he said had been influenced by their homeland.

“They cook a lot of Indian food and we do too.

We have tried to create a cuisine that we are comfortable with and that’s our bread and butter,” he said.

The family opened the restaurant in 2008 with their friend and chef Ramachandra, who also opened the famous Rajgala in Tamil Nadu.

Mr Adyassas are also well known for their recipes.

When asked what is his favourite Indian food, he said it was all-purpose rice with onion and garlic.

“We do a lot to add flavour to Indian dishes, we try to add some flavour to the dishes we serve.

We love to serve a few different kinds of food,” he explained.

The restaurant has been open since 2011, and the Adys are always working to improve and improve the food.

The family also opened up a cafe on the first floor and a second floor, where the couple will offer a range of traditional food.

“There are dishes we never serve that are very good but we have a few dishes that are just as good,” Mr Aravishas said.

“Some of them have been on the menu for so long that we think they are good now, but we don’t think they will ever be here,” he added.

There is a range in the menu of the two different floors, including a traditional Indian meal of the week, and also an Indian dessert.

“You can order any of our dishes, but you can also have some other Indian dishes like puddings, sweets, cakes, etc.,” he said, adding that it was always about the flavours.

In a blog post about the opening of the Adytas West India Cuisine blog, the couple wrote that the restaurant will provide a “sense of community” among the guests.

“As soon as you arrive you are welcomed with a warm welcome, and we can assure you that we have cooked the best dishes,” the couple said.

Adytas, which started life as a small restaurant, expanded into the family business in 2013.

The Adys said they would like to offer a sense of community to the WA community.

“The West Indian family are committed to serving the local community with great quality food and the West Indian kitchen will give the community that is part of the community a chance to enjoy the authentic Indian food they grew up with,” the blog post said.

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