November 30, 2021

AUSTIN — The first Kao western food truck opened in Houston in December of 2011.

The trucks’ first order of business: get a good night’s sleep.

“You can’t get a sleep in this business,” says Chad Kao, Kao’s brother and the owner of the truck, in a video filmed on the truck’s first night.

“This is not the way it’s supposed to be.

You have to sleep on the floor, you have to wear the same clothes and everything,” he says.

Kao’s business is a combination of a food truck and a barber shop.

Kao says that while the food in the Koa truck is good, the truckers take a very conservative approach to the business.

 “We’re not like a barbershop.

We don’t go in and get cuticles and make up facial hair and stuff like that.

We’re like an outfit shop.

And that’s how we make money,” he said.

The company, Koa Western Food, started in Houston after Chad Koa had a business problem.

He was in his early 20s and was on welfare, and was struggling to pay rent.

In order to help him get by, Chad Kaa started working at his father’s barber salon in Houston.

He then applied to be a driver in the state.

He applied for driver’s licenses and even got his license.

But he never had any idea what he was doing was a job, or that it would change the way he looked at his life and his career.

“I just thought I’d try it out, because I’m not really into it,” he told me.

While driving the truck in Texas, he was driving around town and saw this sign on the side of the road.

It said, “Dirty, unsanitary, not well maintained.”

Kaos truck was one of many businesses he saw along the way, but it didn’t stop there.

So, when he was in Houston, he wanted to take the truck business to the next level.

With that in mind, Kaos began talking with some other barbers, and the next day he bought a trailer that could accommodate the trailer.

It took about two months of building the truck and hiring drivers to get the truck ready for the launch.

Then, in May of this year, the trailer arrived in Houston from Austin.

At first, the trucks didn’t have a hitch on the trailer, but Kao said the hitch worked out fine.

As the trucks rolled out of the trailer park in Houston and headed into town, Kaias business partner and barber, Joe Kao of The Kao Company, was able to pick them up.

When Kao arrived in Texas he saw how far the trailer had come.

During the launch of the trucks, Koi says he saw a lot of people stopping by the trailer for a drink.

And the truck driver’s wife, Mary, also stopped by to say hello.

After the trailer rolled into the barber business, Kui said he thought, “That’s the next frontier.”

“People were telling me, ‘This is really cool.

You can do something new,'” Kao told me over the phone.

I think people were like, ‘That’s cool, you can do it.

You’re a trucker.’

I think that was the tipping point.

“While the trailer was in the barbers shop, Koo says he decided to open his own business.

The Koa Company began to take orders and started getting orders from people all around the country.

A couple of years later, Kyo decided to buy the trailer and open his barbershops first.

Now, Koos barbers offer his services at his two other trucking businesses.

For the past year, Kio says he has been selling the truck to businesses in the city of New York City, and he hopes to open up a bar in Los Angeles sometime in the future.

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