October 28, 2021

Malaysia has the highest number of food outlets per capita and is home to the world’s third largest food market with over 80,000 stores.

However, most of the food available is not from western nations, which makes it a difficult market to navigate and many supermarkets are not fully integrated with the local economy.

Western Food, a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned company Lotte, has partnered with Malaysian grocery chain Lotte Food to offer a convenient and affordable way to buy groceries from Malaysian markets.

To help make it easier for Malaysians to shop in western countries, Western Food is also partnering with Lotte’s Lotte Grocery and Food Services to provide access to more than 200 Malaysian grocery stores.

Western food outlets will have the option to accept credit cards and credit cards will be accepted at Western Food stores, but they are not available for cash transactions.

Western foods will be available in all Lotte stores from June, which will be the last date for which stores will open.

For more details about Western Food’s partnership with Lottos grocery stores, visit: https://westernfood.com/store/home.asp?s=western&lid=4e9&fid=1414&id=1398&pk=2p7&s=1f1&b_pk_code=2d3a6ebb-e2a7-4f1a-8b1f-e1cf2e89c0b#_link__id=7e5b5c7c-f0b8-4ae5-b2f8-e3c0d4eae8f2&id_ref=pk&idlink=1#_links__ Western Food will also be available at some stores in the capital Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

To find out more about Western Grocery, visit their website at: https:/ / www.westernfoods.com .

 The Western Food team is looking forward to seeing you at the store!

 This article has been republished from CryptoCoinsNews with permission from the author.

 Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lotte.

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