October 8, 2021

In Western Australia’s western food sector, Western Food has long dominated.

It is now an Australian company that also operates in NSW, Victoria and South Australia, as well as Tasmania and South West Victoria.

It has about 30 full-time employees and about 50 seasonal staff.

Western Food CEO Paul Jones says it’s hard to predict how long it will last.

“It’s a very challenging market to operate in.

“We have a long way to go. “

It’s a huge market. “

We have a long way to go.

It’s a huge market.

It will take us several years to rebuild the business.”

We’re looking to create great opportunities now.” “

We haven’t had any great opportunities in the past few years.

We’re looking to create great opportunities now.”

But it’s not just about food.

Jones says the company also provides healthcare, construction and logistics services.

He says its customers are increasingly looking for ways to pay their bills.

“They’re looking for things that are cheaper and that have more flexibility,” he said.

“That’s where we’re going.”

Western Food, which is part of Australian firm Coles Holdings, is owned by Coles and is part-owned by Colescence, the parent company of Coles Food Group.

It makes its own premium hues and premium products.

“There’s a lot of interest around Western Food.

People want to pay more for premium huing,” Jones said.

But he says its biggest market is beyond hues.

“If you look at the premium brands in terms of quality, it’s really the luxury brands,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

Jones says its goal is to remain relevant in the global huing market. “

When you look around the world you look for quality.”

Jones says its goal is to remain relevant in the global huing market.

But the company will have to compete with the likes of Aldi and Coles.

“People will be going for that hued food and then some,” he says.

“In the future there’s going to be more hues that are going to go global.”

Jones expects the company to make a profit, but he doesn’t have a specific target for it.

“Its all about growth.

It would be nice to have a target for that and we are going in that direction,” he added.

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