October 1, 2021

Western Food History Course – 6:00pm.

This is a free, open, and self-paced course for students and teachers to learn about western food.

Students can choose to take it in person or in a group setting and share the experience with the class.

Course fee: $15.

Topics include: History, food history from the first European settlers to the present, food, cooking, history of Australia, the Australian breadbasket, breadbaskets, bread and beer, bread in the past, breads, wheat, flour, flour products, wheat history, history and history of bread, bread products, western food and its development, history, food production, production of bread products Source: ABC News | Duration: 7min 29secTopics:history,food-and-beverage,dining,foods-and.disasters-and_anxiety-disorders,food,sydney-2000, australiaMore stories from Western Australia