September 25, 2021

In South America, Western food is considered the national dish of the country, which is known for its rich culinary heritage.

Its a food that has a lot of things going for it, including high quality ingredients, and the ingredients are sourced in the region.

But what about what you might think of as a “western” food?

And what about the ingredients?

Here are the top 10 ingredients that will give your food the Western look.1.

Fresh fruits and vegetables2.

Organic ingredients3.

Free range eggs4.

Natural ingredients5.

Fresh ingredients6.

Whole grains7.


Fresh meats9.


Salt and pepper1.

Cucumber – A great way to bring out the freshness of the fruit2.

Fresh mushrooms – a great way for fresh fruit to come alive3.

Tomato – a natural, easy, and delicious way to enjoy tomato4.

Cauliflower – a fantastic side dish to your meat5.

Beetroot – a nice, crunchy, healthy option for a salad6.

Avocado – the perfect side dish for a burger7.

Pinto Beans – a very healthy, high-protein and low-calorie option8.

Celery – a tasty alternative to lettuce9.

Cabbage – a hearty, protein-rich, healthy choice for a side dish10.

Tomatoes – a healthy, low-carb option for lunch and dinnerThe top 10 healthy ingredients that you can use in your Western food:1.

Vegetable broth (also known as “vegetable stock”)2.

Poultry broth3.

Fresh peas (also called “pinto beans”)4.

Soy sauce5.

Salt (a popular way to add salt to a dish)6.

Soy flour (a high-salt, low carb option)7.

Peanuts – a good source of protein8.

Baking powder (a good source for baking ingredients)9.

Soy protein powder10.

Baked beans, chickpeas, and corn are great for making side dishes for your dinner.

The top 10 unhealthy ingredients that could potentially damage your health:1) Sugar and refined carbohydrates2) Sodium3) Fats (especially those from animal sources)4) Salt (and the high-glycemic index)5) Trans fats (especially monounsaturated and trans fats)6) Unprocessed animal products (e.g. butter, margarine, and cheese)7) Unrefined sugar (sugars and artificial sweeteners)8) Unpasteurized milk (milk that’s not pasteurized)9) Unsaturated fat (e,g.

trans fats, trans-fats)10) Added sugars and preservativesIf you’re looking for healthy snacks, try these:1.)

Coconut flakes2.)

Banana chips3.)

Peanut butter4.)

Rice crackers5.)

Blackberry jam6.)

Mango fruit (or pineapple)7.)

Banana-flavored candy (or blueberry)8.)

Green tea and iced tea9.)

Apple juice10.)

Blueberry muffins

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