September 3, 2021

My dad is selling a whole bunch of things, like some fruits and vegetables and breads and snacks.

He’s not sure how to turn it into a profit.

But he wants to do it.

“I think it’s really cool to do something that’s a little different than what you usually do.

I’m thinking of going with fresh produce,” he said.

He’s hoping to get a $20 donation from the local grocery store and he’s going to be selling it in his home.

But there are still a few things he needs to do to make sure his $30 donation doesn’t go to waste.

Johnson’s bread is being sold on a side street, so it’s going into the trash.

The bread is going to the landfill.

So, while he’s selling his bread, he’s also getting a little help from his dad.

He has a sign on his house saying, “I love my dad, and I hope he does the same.”

But even though he’s helping his dad out, Johnson said he’s not ready to sell the bread yet.

He needs more time to figure out what he can do to help the poor.

I think that I’ll need more time, and that will probably be my next big step.

I have so much to learn, so much more to do, and it’s just getting started.

For more information on how to help in your own community, visit the US Food Bank website.

Follow @USFoodBanks on Twitter.

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