August 24, 2021

Western food exports have fallen in recent years and are now at their lowest levels in nearly four decades.

In fact, the world’s second-largest economy is exporting only about 2 percent of its food, according to the World Food Programme.

This contrasts with a global average of about 8 percent, or 2.7 billion metric tons, in the 1990s, the organisation said.

China, which imports almost half of the worlds food supply, is “a food exporter” and “a growing economy,” according to The Washington Post.

Its trade with other countries, including the United States, is still booming.

The Post noted that the US has the largest volume of Chinese imports in the world.

China is also importing more than twice as much meat and poultry as it does of corn and wheat, as well as almost two-thirds of the countrys milk supply.

The Chinese government says the country is making significant efforts to boost food security, but it has yet to implement a complete plan for tackling rising food prices and poverty, as required by a 2011 United Nations report.

The US government has been more cautious in its response to China’s rising food costs.

President Donald Trump, who is expected to visit China later this year, has repeatedly praised China’s food exports and its growth, calling it a “beautiful example” of how to achieve economic growth.

But his administration has also accused Beijing of stealing US jobs by subsidizing Chinese food imports.

Trump and his team have repeatedly accused China of stealing U.S. jobs by importing foodstuffs.

Chinese leaders have repeatedly rejected these accusations, saying the United Nations has no jurisdiction over their economy.

China has also been criticized for failing to implement more stringent environmental rules that would help reduce the country’s environmental footprint.

The report comes as the country struggles with its first serious typhoon of the year.

The country is also reeling from a deadly fire that killed hundreds of people in the northern province of Shandong on Sunday, and a wave of floods that swept across much of the northeast.