August 20, 2021

How do you cut down on Chinese food?

There are some tips and tricks for cutting down on the food you’ve been eating for years.

Key points:The Western Food Centre is a community-run restaurant in Langkawi that has become a hub for cutting the fatHow to get rid of a Chinese food habitThe Western food centre is run by a group of Chinese citizens who are helping people around Langkawahine cut down and cut out the waste from their lives.

“I’m trying to save my life because I’m eating Chinese food and the Chinese are throwing it away,” said Kim Yee, who has been eating Chinese for eight years.

“It’s like I’m not a human anymore, I’m a machine.”

Ms Yee says she has been trying to cut down the fat in her diet but to no avail.

“The Chinese are dumping a lot of junk food on us, it’s really difficult,” she said.

“When you see that I’m walking around in a suit and tie and eating Chinese, it makes me feel ashamed.”

So I have to try and make the effort to eat Chinese more.

“Western Food Centre in LangKawi has been a hub in cutting down the weight, and helping people cut back on the junk food.”

The Western Fruits and Vegetables (WFT) Centre has been the focus of much media attention recently after a survey of the community revealed that around 30 per cent of residents said they were currently overweight or obese.”

The Westerners are the most important people in this community.”

The Western Fruits and Vegetables (WFT) Centre has been the focus of much media attention recently after a survey of the community revealed that around 30 per cent of residents said they were currently overweight or obese.

The centre is the brainchild of Langkawan-based businesswoman Jennifer Hui Hao, who says it is the only food service provider in the community to cater for the Chinese population.

“They have the best food,” Ms Hao said.

“We are trying to help them reduce their food waste, and they are trying too.”‘

We are the ones who have to make the sacrifice’For Ms Hui, the challenge of being a community member is what has been driving her.

“One of the things that’s always been in my mind is that I have had to make a sacrifice in order to make sure that we can be successful,” she explained.

“Because I have a job, and I have my family, I am always working and helping my family.”

The community of about 3,500 people is located in the southern suburb of LangKawahina.

Ms Hui said the majority of the people in the group came from Langkawa, and most were born and raised in Langkwahine.

“There are two families here, one family that has a Mandarin Chinese background, and another family that came here as a refugee,” she told the ABC.

“These people have to take the lead in helping the community in a community that is so divided.”

Ms Hao is working with Langkahines community development officer, Ms Bao, to bring in Chinese-language services and a Chinese restaurant.

“A lot of the Chinese families are not aware of the opportunities that they have in Lang Kawi,” Ms Bong said.

The Western Fruit and Vegetable Centre is run jointly by Ms Hau and Ms Hoo, who say the Chinese customers are coming in and the community needs to step up.

“If the Chinese people aren’t involved, we will just end up wasting money and not creating a lot more wealth,” Ms Gao said of the food waste.

“With a good quality, high-quality food, we can actually provide a lot better nutrition to the community.”


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