August 17, 2021

China is cracking down on food-tourism businesses and shutting down Chinese restaurants after reports of fake goods.

Key points:Chinese authorities shut down shops that sell counterfeit goods in a crackdown on “high-level criminals”The authorities have banned food outlets and bars from selling counterfeit goods to touristsThe Chinese government is cracking downs on “low-level” criminals who buy and sell counterfeit itemsChinese officials say they have shut down “high level criminals” and shut down Chinese businesses that sell fake food.

In a statement, China’s state media said it had “reintroduced” food-distribution rules in a bid to combat “high levels of criminal activity”.

In a separate statement, the state-run Global Times newspaper said it would also ban bars and restaurants from selling “faux” food products to tourists.

“This is a very important step to reduce the threat of food poisoning, and in a way will allow us to eliminate the possibility of counterfeit products,” the newspaper said.

China has seen a number of high-profile cases of counterfeit food, which are often sold as Chinese food.

Last month, authorities in Hong Kong detained a Hong Kong restaurant owner who was accused of selling food products that were made with Chinese ingredients.

In November, a New Zealand tourist who was eating a bowl of Chinese food was injured in a Shanghai restaurant by a bowl that was made with fake fruit.

Chinese authorities said in a statement that they had shut down more than 2,000 “high and low level” criminal organisations, including some who “sell counterfeit food”.

The government said it was also taking “strong action” to control “low level” criminals.

“The Chinese authorities have taken measures to strengthen anti-counterfeiting activities,” it said.

“It is a sign of their seriousness to tackle the problems of counterfeit goods.

The measures include closing down illegal online shopping platforms and banning certain online transactions.”

The Global Times said it also banned bars and pubs from selling food items made with counterfeit food.

It said this was in addition to other measures, including “reducing the number of fake restaurants, and imposing restrictions on people visiting restaurants”.

The Global’s statement did not mention whether it was linking the ban on bars and cafes to a new crackdown on high-level criminal activity, which is a priority for Chinese authorities.

The Global said it wanted to make clear that the measures had been taken “without interference”.

The Chinese food market is worth about US$100 billion (NZ$108 billion) a year.

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