August 11, 2021

A study conducted by the UK’s prestigious Department of Food and Environment has revealed that a majority of westerners enjoy a good western style meal.

As many as 70 percent of respondents to a survey by the British Academy of Medical Sciences (BAME) said they have been exposed to western cuisine, including steak, pasta, and cheeses.

The academy also said that a third of British people believe that Western style foods are better than other foods.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the results of the survey on Wednesday, saying that while he would continue to advocate for the British nation’s traditional foods, he believes there are better ways to eat.

“We’ve had an extraordinary rise in the number of people who are aware of the importance of traditional foods,” Johnson said.

According to the academy, the survey results indicate that while most people are willing to eat more western food if offered it will likely be only a small percentage who choose it.

Many of the responses to the BAME survey suggested that they are more willing to try new dishes if offered.

In addition to Western style cuisine, respondents also highlighted the health benefits of Western food, including the health advantages of fish and eggs.

People who said they ate western style food were also more likely to say that they have experienced more heart disease, and had more severe dental problems, according to the British Medical Journal.

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