August 10, 2021

When the Trump White House was busy promoting President Donald Trump’s first major shopping mall in Las Vegas, it took on an additional task: reshaping the entire Westgate Shopping Mall.

The administration is putting its stamp on the shopping complex, which has long been a magnet for celebrities and high-rollers.

In March, it approved a permit for Trump to open the mall, and on Wednesday it gave the go-ahead to begin construction.

The Trump administration’s plan, which was leaked to Recode, calls for converting the shopping mall into a luxury shopping center.

“This is a huge transformation for the Westgate Mall,” says Jim Cairncross, executive director of the Las Vegas-based nonprofit nonprofit Greater Las Vegas Community Foundation.

The Trump administration has long touted the mall as a place to be a celeb, a symbol of the country’s burgeoning social-media industry, a destination for vacationers looking for a bit of glamour.

That image, however, has been challenged by critics who argue the mall is a hub for the trafficking of drugs and violence.

The proposal to transform the mall would also bring about significant changes to the community.

The proposed change would require an upgrade to the mall’s security perimeter, which is expected to cost at least $1 billion, according to the Las Angeles Times.

The proposed changes would also see a significant increase in security measures, according the Las Las Vegas Review-Journal.

According to the paper, the proposal calls for expanding the security perimeter and adding more fencing around the mall.

“I’m not going to say the security is going to be perfect, but the security needs to be much more than the perimeter fence,” Cairnlaws told the paper.

In addition, the Trump-appointed Las Vegas mayor has expressed concern about the mall having a higher crime rate than other shopping malls.

That is because Westgate has a much larger population, and it is known to have a high rate of gun crime.

The Trump-led administration has also been working to increase public safety measures, including a plan to expand the number of law enforcement officers, increase the number and pay of deputies and the expansion of police units to serve the area.

The mall, located on the Las Vezas border with Mexico, has had problems for years.

In 2015, the FBI reported that there were at least 15 instances of gun violence there, compared to just three for all of Las Vegas.

As of early October, there were five shootings in Westgate that were tied to drug activity, according Recode.

Last year, the mall was one of the sites of a mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival that killed 58 people.

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