August 8, 2021

Australia’s western food staple, spaghetti, has gone viral after a video of a wife eating it at her local Italian restaurant went viral on social media.

The video shows the wife in a restaurant with a group of her friends eating the spaghetti as the camera zooms in on the table and her husband and children.

“I love spaghetti,” she says to the camera, before pointing to a group at the table.

“Look, it’s a good spaghetti,” the camera pans to the restaurant’s kitchen, where a man with a plate on his head appears to be preparing the spaghetti.

“It’s good,” the man replies, to the laughter of the group.

A family’s spaghetti on the menu in Italy, January 26, 2017.

In the video, the wife is seen telling her friends to try it, before taking the spaghetti and placing it on the counter.

The man is seen sitting in the kitchen with the spaghetti, smiling.

A few minutes later, the woman tells her husband about the video and the group of friends are shown laughing.

“He’s a great man,” she tells the group, to laughter from the group on the other side of the table, with her husband sitting next to her.

She then takes the spaghetti back to the kitchen, telling her husband that she “knew he would be very proud of his spaghetti.”

She then smiles, telling him to “bring it home” and to “make sure I eat it,” as she finishes the spaghetti with her fork.

“That’s so good,” she said.

The family’s “Westwood” spaghetti at a restaurant in the western Italian city of Lodi, January 25, 2017, in Lodi.

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