August 5, 2021

Western food etiquette is one of those things you might not think of as a big deal.

But, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Washington and Cornell University, it’s a huge problem.

In a study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, the researchers found that “western food is not accepted in a Western context, especially in the United States.”

What makes the study so fascinating is the researchers looked at the prevalence of eating disorders among the general population in the U.S. in order to examine how widespread eating disorders are.

To do this, the team collected data on people who were surveyed about their eating habits over a six-month period in the US and found that the prevalence rate for eating disorders in this sample of Americans was nearly double the prevalence in Western countries.

The authors of the study argue that Western eating disorders have become more prevalent in recent years, and that this study may help to inform public health efforts to combat eating disorders.

“While the number of Westerners affected by eating disorders is relatively low, this study provides important insight into the extent to which Western culture influences the lives of those with eating disorders,” the authors wrote.

“Western eating disorders can result in long-term and severe psychological and physical health problems, including self-harm, self-mutilation, eating disorders, and other psychiatric disorders.

This study is important because Westerners living in the Western nations are likely to have more of these disorders than people living in other countries.”

The authors point out that Western cultures tend to emphasize certain kinds of food and alcohol, such as soft drinks and hot dogs, over other kinds of foods and beverages, such, fruits and vegetables.

This, in turn, can lead to a more restrictive diet.

“We suggest that this lack of acceptance of Western food, coupled with the high prevalence of Western eating disorder, has led to a significant rise in eating disorders as a result of this culture,” the study concludes.

“Many of us, in general, are unaware of the negative impacts of Western dietary and drinking habits on our health and wellbeing, especially for those living in Western nations.

We must educate ourselves about Western culture and its impacts, and to take responsibility for our own food choices.”

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