July 26, 2021

The article was written by a user who requested anonymity.

They requested anonymity to share their experience with the blog.

They visited a restaurant in central Vietnam where they ordered an order of Pho, a popular Thai-style noodle dish.

When the waitress told them the order was for an order for two, the person ordering the food did not have a Thai flag in their menu and looked confused.

They ordered two Pho for $60 and asked about the flag.

The waitress did not know that the order for the Pho was for two Phocs, but did know that they were a Thai restaurant and had a Thai name.

The person ordering food was not a Thai, nor was she wearing a uniform or carrying a Thai bag.

The restaurant had a sign that read “Thai food”, but when they asked what that meant, the waitress gave them a fake Thai flag and told them that they had ordered two different kinds of food.

The woman who ordered Pho also had a fake flag on her shirt.

The man who ordered the food also had the fake flag.

The owner of the restaurant told the customer they were taking away their order because it was not Thai.

She said that the owner had been paying her to make sure she wasn’t a fake.

The owner said that they would make an exception for the fake Thai person, and that the restaurant would pay her $100 and the woman would get the order refunded.

She said the waitress was a Vietnamese person who did not speak English, and she did not even speak the language.

The customer told the owner that they thought it was very funny, but he said that was not the case and that she would have to pay the $100 if they wanted to take the order back.

The person who ordered a Pho had a very clear message for the owner of Phoe that they did not order Thai food.

The woman who was ordering the Phoc did not ask for the order to be refunded and instead said, “Sorry, that was a mistake.”

She said she was upset, but that they should pay for her mistake.

She also said that she was not sure if she wanted to return to the restaurant.

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